Ace would like your help in expanding his legacy
Ace's legacy.
I've dedicated the second half of my career to help others not make the mistakes I have. I want endodontic doctors to get as much fullfillment out of their practice as I have. (I would really love to have Ace write a statement and have Jay wordsmith if needed.)
Reaching residents and associates
Offering advice to those just starting.
Helping practices succeed
Training teams
Creating Lifestyle practices
This is what it's all about.
Legacy isn't just for family
Please help me reach other endodontists so we can help them achieve a less-stress Lifestyle practice.
We've coached over 173(?) endodontic practices.
We want to continue helping.
If you feel that we have helped you and your practice, we request that you reach out to a colleague who might be in need of some coaching.
As a thank you, you can pick one of the selections below.
Enter to win a week at Ace's Hawaiian Timeshare
You and Ace can discuss dates that work for you both.
We will donate $1000 to your favorite charity
If your colleague becomes a coaching client, we will donate $1000 to your favorite charity.
We will write you a very appreciative Thank You note.
We will do this no matter what you choose because we really appreciate you! 
Here are some communication templates we created to help you extend Ace's Legacy.
All you will need to do is fill in the email template with your name, your colleagues name and a few details and then you can send it off.
A message to a friend you know well
A message to a colleague
Thank you for your time helping Ace continue his Legacy.
He looks forward to touching more people's lives.