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Climbing a mountain takes effort, but when you get to the top it is exhilirating! Peak performance from your team and practice doesn’t have to be something you daydream about. Begin your journey and make it happen!


As Director of Coaching for Endo Mastery, I am in the lucky position to observe the success of every coaching client. I speak in detail with every doctor prior to starting coaching, and then at their annual year-end review. What a difference there is! It’s the same doctors, but they are in a completely different place mentally about their practices and lives.

Commitment and Self-Belief

Overwhelmingly, there is such a sense of accomplishment and feeling of joy coming from doctors after their first year of coaching. Coached practices truly progress and grow significantly during this time, and it does require commitment from the doctor to provide leadership for their team as the practice evolves.


Again and again, doctors tell me that they didn’t believe it was possible. Often their practices had been in a holding pattern without improvement for several years or longer. They were starting to doubt whether they and their team had the capability to grow any further. Or they were facing a challenge, concern or goal in their practice that seemed too much of a reach.


At Endo Mastery, we have a great track record of knowing how much practices can improve. So, when doctors tell me that they didn’t believe it was possible, they are saying they didn’t believe it was possible for them. Sometimes when you are at the base of the mountain looking up, it can appear far more difficult than it is.


I get to experience the moment of reflection after a year when doctors celebrate their commitment and the growth achieved by the team, but also realize it was so much easier than they expected. That’s the power of coaching, because the journey up the mountain is supported by an expert guide who has helped others climb the same mountain many times before. All the risks are avoided, the best path is chosen and when you reach the top, exhilaration!

Renewed Spirit and New Possibilities

The mindset shift that happens with doctors is the result of several factors that we see in coached practices. Here are the factors most mentioned by our clients:

  • Renewed team spirit. teamwork excellence and daily enjoyment
  • Streamlined scheduling and systems for effortless daily flow
  • Effective referral marketing that is easy and actually works
  • Relief from typical time-consuming management burdens
  • Ability to focus on excellent clinical care without distractions
  • Leaving the practice each day without worries or stress
  • Doubling (or more) their previous take-home income
  • Eliminating debt and enjoying a better family lifestyle
  • Having a coach that truly cares about your success and goals
  • Rediscovered joy to enjoy the profession

All of this leads me to the conclusion that what counts as peak performance is very personal, which is why Endo Mastery works so closely with doctors to understand their individual goals. For some doctors, it’s economic. For others, it’s how they feel each day working with their team in the office. Still for others, it’s clinical care and professional relationships. And, of course, family is vital and how the practice ultimately supports your family goals tops everything.


Endo Mastery Practice Coaching can help you achieve your goals. For more information, visit https://endomastery.com/practice-and-team-coaching/

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