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As CEO of Endo Mastery, I work with doctors like you every day to grow your practices, achieve success and enjoy a rich and fulfilling life. Part of that equation is definitely economic, but sometimes our own mindsets get in the way of creating the success we deserve. Learn more about how to welcome abundance into your life.


How you do money is how you do life. We are all in a relationship with money. For some it is a conscious, loving relationship; for most others, it is one filled with neglect and resentment, or nonexistent. How you treat money is how it will treat you. Everything is made up of energy and the energy you give is the energy you get back.


Why Is Money Important?


Because it is everywhere, and we need it. People say to me, “Money is not as important as love.” This is not true – BOTH are important. You cannot buy a car with all the love you have for your children. Is your nose more important than your mouth? Each serves a separate purpose.


Money is important because it makes the world go ‘round. It is safe to assume that your children and spouse are important, followed closely by serving and helping others. Would having more money make it easier to serve and care for these precious things?


Barriers to Abundance and Money


We have isolated the barriers down to two areas: our deserve level and culture.

Deserve levels come from our current blueprint that originates with all the stories we heard about money and what we were told we deserved. The good news is your current money ceiling is higher than the one you are operating in right now—it is possible to update your blueprint. Sabotage shows up like an electric circuit breaker when we believe we have surpassed our current worthy level. The result is we undermine our success by finding ways to either earn less or give it away.


“I want to make money for evil purposes.” I have never met anyone who said that. And yet, our culture is made up of these very beliefs that being wealthy states something negative about a person’s character.


I meet people who want to build empires to help people, be in service and care for their families. Our culture promotes the belief that money is bad, and we will become lesser people if we have lots of it. When good people earn more money, they impact their community and local economy by dining out, supporting local businesses, hiring people, and donating to local causes and charities. When we feel abundant and enjoy our wealth, we naturally want to help and support the people and organizations we care about. For many it is an expression of love.


The Big Shift: Making vs. Receiving


The universe wants you to be happy, abundant, and fulfilled. What if all you had to do was show up as yourself and being you was enough in the world?


The takeaway of this article is about shifting your mindset from ‘making’ more money to ‘receiving’ more money. Most of us believe we need to do more, earn more and be more to make money. Accepting Affluence defined: to flow abundantly and receive willingly.


We stop the flow of abundance with our beliefs, past pain, and old stories about what we feel is our worth and deserve levels. We do it by deflecting compliments, rejecting help that’s offered and shying away from opportunities.


Are you willing to receive the flow of abundance?


The BIG Picture: The Hierarchy of Money

When we have our financial needs met and feel safe, it allows us to think about the bigger picture and ask, “What is my purpose and why am I here?”


People I work with have an innate desire to be in service to the people around them. They care and want to contribute by giving back to their families and communities as they become more abundant. For them it is about a beautiful life of contribution to the world around them.


Leaving a Legacy is not about the money left behind. It is about the impact you leave behind – this is how you will be remembered. Rather than waiting until the end, update your money blueprint today to make an impact on your living legacy.


Resource to Get You Started Today


Beginning May 4th, 2021 through Inner Legacy Seminars and Legacy Life Consulting, I am presenting a 6-week course on Accepting Affluence.


To enroll, call Jo Roseborough at 208-597-3937 or email [email protected].

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