Endo Mastery


A great marketing idea for this time of the year is a holiday wreath. Most big box stores like Home Depot stock garlands of tree boughs that can easily be made into wreaths. And of course there are premade natural wreaths available in many tree lots, florists and other retail locations. You may be able to source them directly from a local tree farm.


Wreaths are a great referral gift because they can be put almost anywhere in the practice … on the exterior door, on an interior door, hung on a wall, or even taken home by the doctor. The natural tree boughs are beautiful and they have a wonderful aroma that is both refreshing and nostalgic.


Tap into September back-to-school time with brown bag goodies and surprises for your referring office teams. This works best when you know all the team members’ names so you can write it on the bag just like their Mom used to do. The bags don’t have to actually be a full lunch. Instead, fill them with an assortment of school-themed snacks and goodies. For example:


Rather than sweetheart candies or boxed chocolates that are predictable and overdone, reach out to a local bakery that you love to package some custom cookies for your referral offices. You can even get them to customize a message on each cookie, such as

“We love caring for your patients!”


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