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Celebrating women in endodontics 2024

International Women’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to appreciate the contributions of female doctors and team members to our profession.



It wasn’t so long ago that female endodontists were a clearly small minority among endodontists. Prior to 1990, less than 20% of endodontic residents were women and that ratio decreased even further as you moved farther back in time. 


In the 30-plus years since then, female endodontic residents have more than doubled as a percentage of all residents, and I fully expect that women will form the majority of new endodontists within a few years, following the overall trend in general dentistry. 


Overall, this has been a wonderful shift in the demographics of endodontics. One of my favorite experiences is when I have an opportunity to speak to a class of residents or to meet young doctors at various meetings like the upcoming AAE24 in Los Angeles next month. Young female doctors are shaping the future of endodontics by offering unique perspectives and driving innovative approaches to practicing in today’s dental landscape. 

The success of female endodontists

Within Endo Mastery, we have some incredibly successful clients who are women. They prove how caring patient-centered practices can thrive, how strong referral relationships can be established, and how practices can be highly profitable while achieving the doctor’s overall business and life goals. 


Of course, most doctors (female and male) share these goals at some level. However, it is notable to me that women seem to more readily embrace the steps to create a “lifestyle” practice that is designed to empower and support incredible family life outside the practice. Women often have greater demands in the home (particularly when it comes to children), so the need for practice success that doesn’t come at the expense of work-life balance is often more amplified and prioritized compared to their male colleagues.  

The impact of female team members

I love the success that women create in endodontics and that is driven by more than just female doctors. Most team members in our practices are women. They create such a caring and supportive environment for patients, and they demonstrate every day the highest level of empathy and communication. This is especially beneficial in endodontics, where patients often experience anxiety and discomfort.  


By fostering open communication and building trust, our team members can create a more positive experience for patients. Studies often suggest that women are perceived as more nurturing and compassionate, and that can have a calming effect for some patients who are particularly sensitive.  

Celebrating women in family and life

Today, in addition to women in endodontics, I’m celebrating all the extraordinary women who have shaped my life, including my beautiful wife Nancy, our daughters, and granddaughters. Each of them inspires me with their strength, grace, and unwavering love. I also want to recognize women who have been my friends, mentors and colleagues for their unique brilliance, wisdom, and encouragement. 


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