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Celebrating women in endodontics

In recognition of International Women’s Day today, we’re celebrating women and how female endodontists thrive and excel in our profession.



Women in dentistry are simply amazing! 


According to the ADA Health Policy Institute, just over half of dental school graduates are now women, making dentistry one of the few science-based fields that has parity with the general population. Women represented in the endodontics specialty lag slightly by comparison, comprising about 41% of endodontic residents in the recent 2020-2021 academic year. However, the resident ratio keeps growing year to year, and female endodontists now account for nearly a third of practicing endodontists.  


One of the most admirable qualities about women in endodontics is strongly rooted empathy and caring. Lying in a dental chair for a root canal can be very intimidating, and it makes some patients feel very vulnerable. Patients are often more willing to open up about their fears or concerns to a female doctor and feel calmed more quickly. 


In addition to female endodontists, there are also many female team members who work in endodontic practices. These women play an essential role in ensuring that patients are warmly welcomed, receive excellent care, and that the practice runs smoothly. From dental assistants to receptionists, female team members are the backbone of many endodontic practices. 

Challenges and opportunities

Like many professional women, female endodontists are often juggling multiple responsibilities. Despite some progress being made on the division of household duties in families in recent decades, this is one area that is still far from parity. Women often remain the primary caregiver in the family, the primary organizer of family activities, and the primary doer of household chores even when both partners are working.  


These factors don’t change the goal to be successful professionally, but often amplify the need for work/life balance in their vision. It can be particularly challenging for women with young children, who may need to adjust work hours to care for them.  


We believe that endodontics is a wonderful profession for women. Women can design and structure their practice life to perfectly meet the needs of their personal and family life. On top of that, endodontic practice owners can be highly productive and profitable on a limited schedule. We’ve helped female clients working full-time grow and reorganize their practices to be able to take more time off while protecting (or even growing) their income.  


Of course, some female doctors don’t want to own a practice and prefer to work as an associate. Since associates in Endo Mastery-coached practices are often paid more than the average endodontic practice owner, associate opportunities can be a desirable option for women practitioners, especially in the early years of their family when they want the most flexibility.  

Our appreciation

At Endo Mastery, we love working with female endodontists and helping them achieve their vision through practice coaching. This month, we are offering a special promotion for practices with female endodontists. Register using code W33 before the end of March for any Endo Mastery seminar offered this year and receive 33% off tuition.  

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