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Many doctors have financial stress, which is experienced in many ways such as month-to-month costs, endless debt burden, anxiety about retirement savings, or feeling limited about current lifestyle and assets. Learn how to tackle financial insecurity and live without economic worries for the rest of your life.



Financial insecurity is an insidious form of stress that can poison so much of your life. When you have financial stress, it lives within you every day as a persistent and nagging uncertainty, worry or fear. It can sap your energy, optimism and confidence faster than almost anything else. And we all know that economic pressure is one of the top reasons for conflict in spousal relationships.


Broadly speaking, there are different levels of financial insecurity that depend on the priority, immediacy and urgency of the underlying financial needs in your life.

All of these stress points are the result of being disempowered financially because you don’t have enough economic resources to fund all your obligations, goals, lifestyle and desired choices. For endodontists, that means that resolving financial insecurity is almost always a revenue and debt problem, and not an expense, cost or tax problem (despite what your accountant may tell you).


Debt in particular is uniquely damaging to our economic well-being, and when I am coaching doctors it is always the first place that I start to understand their financial situation. Education debt, practice debt, mortgages, cars, and consumer debt—it all adds up quickly and creates a monthly burden that eats a huge chunk of income.


The first financial goal for every doctor should be to eliminate their debt completely because that releases all the money directed toward debt payments to support more meaningful personal financial goals. It also releases you from the emotional cost of debt, so you no longer feel the weight of living a life that is borrowed and owed.


Ultimately, it’s about growing the practice economically to fund a debt-free life filled with joy and abundance. But many doctors are so “on the edge” financially that when I ask them to think about growth, all they can imagine and hope for is growing by 10% or 20%—just enough to create relief from their most pressing financial insecurity. It’s so short-sighted!


This is where endodontics becomes so amazing, because an average endodontist doing 3 to 4 cases per day can easily double (and possibly triple) their income within a year. One additional case per day at $1250 per case and 48 4-day weeks per year results in a $240,000 increase in revenues. And it comes without any significant additional costs in the practice, so almost all of it is pure profit for the doctor.


Two additional cases would be $480,000, and three additional cases would be $720,000. With that kind of real money, you can become debt-free within a few short years. How fast depends on your current debt and the level of growth you achieve, but even $2 million in debt can be easily retired within 5 to 7 years.


Now imagine the lifestyle you have after that. How much and to what extent you could fund all your other financial goals and dreams when you have an extra half or three-quarters of a million dollars (or more with continued growth) to play with every year?


This is why I am a coach, and why Endo Mastery was created. Whatever your level of financial insecurity, I want to transform your life. You deserve that level of success and freedom.


All the best,

Dr. Ace Goerig, Owner & Co-Founder

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