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What keeps you going? How do you stay motivated? Who can contribute to your growth? In this article, discover how your professional tribe helps you achieve professional fulfilment and success.



How do you know you have the right goals? What is going to happen next in endodontics that you need to prepare for? What is the best way to stay energized and motivated clinically, professionally, and as a practice owner?


For many doctors, including myself, a big part of the answer is surrounding yourself with other doctors who encourage you, share with you, and inspire you. There are many ways to measure growth and success in your practice and life, but surely there is no way as truthful as how you measure up compared to the best of your colleagues.


This concept of deliberating cultivating a professional tribe of doctors around you is one of the most powerful leadership strategies you can embrace. In my tribe, I want every aspect of the best parts of our profession represented. I want to be close to truly masterful doctors who are driving clinical advances. I want to be with doctors who live in abundance and share their knowledge as much as they can. I want doctors who possess an attitude that is positive and engaged. I want to be with growth-oriented doctors, the technology wizards, and doctors who are always asking the hard questions that make me think.


Moreover, I always strive to be the kind of person who can contribute to the tribe, enrich the shared knowledge we possess, and help us (and the profession) become stronger. It’s a big reason why I started Mastery Circle for clients who have evolved to a certain level. These are doctors who embrace similar practice and clinical philosophies, who commit to each other to grow together, and who give and take from the group according to their abilities and needs.


I can’t imagine practicing without these doctors being a regular part of my professional life. Certainly, without their encouragement, belief and motivation (and the accountability that creates), I wouldn’t have the same personal and practice success as I do today, even if I had the same economic level of success. The camaraderie and professional fulfillment of truly meaningful relationships with your peers is irreplaceable.


We work very hard at Endo Mastery to give doctors the opportunities to network with other doctors on the same journey, sharing similar values, and working on similar levels of clinical, professional, practice and life mastery. Our tribe is always open to you, and we hope you invite us to be a part of yours. Come by our booth at the AAE in Nashville, meet some great endodontists, and discover how much we have in common.

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