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Gambling with practice success (or anything important) is risky business. Why take a chance? Learn how winning the game of endodontics requires more than luck.



I don’t like to gamble on things that are important. I wouldn’t gamble with my family’s happiness, my financial security, and especially not with my practice. My practice needs to be successful at a high level, and also be consistent and reliable at that level.


Nothing in the practice should be left to chance, because relying on chance is the definition of gambling … and the odds are usually against you. Consider a pack of playing cards. If you’re a gambler, you count on the right combinations and sequences of cards showing up for you at the right time. It all depends on the deck of cards being in a favorable order.


Every card game begins with a shuffled deck and, as basic as the idea of 52 cards in random order sounds, we are already beyond the scope of normal human comprehension. How many different ways can a deck of cards be shuffled?


In mathematics, the answer to that question is solved by factorials. The factorial of a shuffled deck of cards is expressed as “52!”, which means 52 x 51 x 50 x 49 … and so on. The answer is 8.07 x 10 to the 67th power, also expressed as 8.07E67. We were expecting a big number, but how big is that in practical terms? Do we really understand what we’re up against when we face the chances in a simple deck of cards?


It might surprise you to learn that 8.07E67 is larger than the number of grains of sand on every beach and in every stream, lake and ocean combined. But that’s just the start. A deck of cards can be shuffled in more ways than the total number of atoms that make up our entire planet earth. Mindblowing!


Even more, it’s greater than the sum of all the protons and neutrons in all the atoms that form earth. In fact, you would need all the protons and neutrons of 22.5 million trillion earths to equal the number of combinations you can create in your hands by shuffling 52 cards randomly. (If you’re interested, you can watch a YouTube video about the factorial math of shuffled cards.)


Just keep this in mind: In your practice, there are a lot more than 52 factors that are essential to your success.


If you want to be successful at a high level, then they all must be effective, in the right order, with the right combinations and proximities, and working together in the right way.


Just like a player sitting at a blackjack or poker table in Las Vegas, one bad card loses the hand. That’s why so many practices coast at a relatively lackluster level of performance. There are enough non-winning cards in their practice systems to hold them down and prevent them from achieving success at the level they could.


Of course, the challenge is determining which cards are the limiting factors and then making changes to improve. Ironically, making those changes is the part of the process that most people think is risky. However, the far greater risk is not changing and continuing to live by chance.


Endo Mastery coaching is perhaps the least risky thing you could ever do to improve your practice. It’s the opposite of gambling, because coaching is about stacking the deck in your favor. We can do this because our coaching team’s collective knowledge is based on hundreds and hundreds of endo practices, and the successful systems and strategies developed in and gleaned from those practices.


Predictable high level success … that’s our goal and specialty. For many doctors, we can double their net income (or more) and, at the same time, make every day in the practice so much more enjoyable and stress-free since the non-winning cards in your practice deck are taken out of play.


That’s the true way to win in your practice and life. It’s not about gambling, or trusting the universe to randomly give you better results. It never will. Winning a random lottery is highly publicized but exceedingly rare.


Don’t count on chance to help you achieve your vision, but you can count on Endo Mastery. Give us a call, schedule a complimentary practice analysis, or attend our upcoming Mastering the Effortless Endodontic Practice livestream seminar in January to get started with your team.

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