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So many endodontists feel they are trapped in their practices, stuck in a routine that is unending, and held back from truly enjoying life by the daily grind of the business. Hear how to not just get out of pain, but transform to an incredible life:



Here I am in my mid-seventies, and I work out every week with a personal trainer. Some years ago, I reached that age when age itself begins to have an impact. Weight creeps up and activity levels slow down. These are warnings about the future if nothing changes.


I resolved to stay vigorous and active so I would not get drawn into an avoidable downward spiral. I made changes to my diet, started working out, and lost the excess weight. My personal trainer reminds me that you are either living or you are dying. It is a reference to that famous scene in the movie The Shawshank Redemption:

Prison might be too strong of a metaphor, but a lot of doctors certainly feel trapped or limited in their practices. They have daily stress, they’re afraid to take time off, and even with an above average income compared to most people, debt and financial stress seems ever-present.


Family life is influenced by work pressures, especially the stress that gets taken home from the office, the lack of time to enjoy with the family, and financial limits. A lot of doctors harbor the desire to escape from dentistry into retirement at the soonest possible moment.

The Little Voice in Your Head

You may not feel all these things to a level of painful discomfort, but if you have a little voice in the back of your head that says something is not quite right, that you’re not having fun, and you don’t feel energizing success both professionally and personally, then it’s a warning sign you should pay attention to. Otherwise, your future may spiral.


There is an art and a science to having an extraordinarily successful, happy and rewarding endodontic career. Few endodontists put all the pieces together in the right way, and it’s Endo Mastery’s mission to help doctors close the gaps. Doctors can experience tremendous success and freedom with endodontics as the foundation.


For my personal health journey, it wasn’t complicated. It did require focus, but the principles were solid and how they inter-related was clear. It’s the same with your endodontic life. There are some solid principles you need to internalize, and you need to understand how they are inter-related. Once you have that, then focus is all you need.


10 Secrets of Endodontic Success

I’ve just finished recording a new free on-demand webinar that’s available now. It’s called “The 10 Secrets of Endodontic Success” and I walk you through the 10 most important principles that determine your level of happiness and success … both in endodontics and life.


The webinar is only 80 minutes long, on-demand (so you can watch it instantly at your convenience), and complimentary on our website. You need this essential understanding to keep your practice and life on track to the highest enjoyment and freedom. Let’s get busy livin’!

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