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Profiles in success: Women in endodontics

This week, we had the opportunity to speak with three incredible endodontists who are women with highly successful practices.

The three doctors we spoke to this week are exemplary of the best endodontics has to offer: dedicated clinicians providing superb patient care, superlative leaders for their teams, highly successful in their businesses, and committed to great personal lifestyle beyond the practice. We asked them to share their experience and advice for other doctors, especially for female endodontists.  

What advice would you give other women in endo?  

Dr. Carla Webb of Siesta Key Root Canal Specialists in Sarasota FL: “What I want female endodontists to know is that you can have exactly what you want with perseverance.”  


Dr. Nicole Yingling of Mason-Dixon Endodontics in Chambersburg PA: “Just like dental school and endo residency, nothing worth having comes easily. Grit, perseverance, and integrity are key qualities that helped me get to where I am today.” 


Dr. Roxene Gascoigne of East Hills Endodontics in Roslyn Heights NY:I would recommend to any young woman entering the career of dentistry that she should associate herself with like-minded individuals. Find a mentor who is successful and experienced and stay away from naysayers.”

How do you face the challenges of being an endodontist? 

Dr. Yingling: “I never stop learning. Work hard but play hard and practice self-care.” 


Dr. Gascoigne: “Dentistry can be a challenging career and isolating for female owners at times. Being passionate about why you entered the profession in the first place and surrounding yourself with a positive support system are paramount to fulfilling your dream.” 


Dr. Webb: “There are always challenges and potential failures along the way. It’s important to not feel bad about yourself as you grow. Use past experiences to learn and keep moving forward.” 

What is important to you to feel successful? 

Dr. Gascoigne: I will always say that life is too short to not create a vision for yourself. For me personally, I wake up each day knowing that I am going to change the emotional state of my patients by making them pain-free, changing their fears about dentistry, and creating a high-level customer service experience. I love to teach and encourage young aspiring dentists, which is why I volunteer every month at a residency program. 


Dr. Webb: “For me, dentistry has to be one part of my life, not my entire life. I love my team and the office, and I love my family. What I learned from Dr. Ace Goerig is with a strong intention of what you want, you can accomplish your dreams.” 


Dr. Yingling: “Achieving balance between your personal life and professional life is vital. With coaching, I have been able to achieve my lifestyle goals a lot sooner.” 

We thank these doctors for being part of our endodontic family and coaching community. We admire so much their dedication to the profession and the success they have achieved. 

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