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About 10 years ago, Japanese author Marie Kondo wrote her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. In it she describes a method to clear out unnecessary possessions by holding them in your hands and asking if they spark joy. Anything that doesn’t create joy is jettisoned.


What if you could do that to your practice?  Hold it in your hands, close your eyes, and meditate on how it makes you feel. Does it spark joy? Is it a positive, uplifting force of good energy in your life? Do you love being there? Do you feel happy when you are in the practice?


Sadly, a lot of doctors are going to answer no to all those questions. If you ask how they really feel about their practices, you might get responses closer to:

Certainly, your practice has a necessary economic role in your life. But too many doctors believe that has to come with a trade-off in enjoyment. It does not have to be that way. Your practice should be a source of joy in your life. After all, you spend more time in your practice than any other single activity in your life except sleep.


Endo Mastery is very good at helping out clients grow their practices economically. However, is economic growth worth the trouble if it also comes with increased stress or feeling a greater emotional burden? We don’t think so. That’s why our mission with every client is to improve and empower their life, not just their bank account.

Loving Your Practice

You should love your practice. In fact, you should be in love with your practice. Being there should make you feel appreciated, energized and valued, with everything optimized around letting you be the best doctor you can be. The environment, the practice systems, the team, patient and referrer relationships, and the economics should all add up to something you treasure.


Your practice and your daily responsibilities as a practice owner should not cause stress, anxiety or feeling out of control. A great practice is one where the doctor can be a calm, effective leader, with trust and confidence in a highly capable team. None of the routine bumps and issues that come up in any business causes stress or concern. Likewise, the economics of the practice should eliminate all debt and financial pressures, fuel the best life outside the practice, and allow doctors to focus daily on fun and enjoyment while being highly productive.

Being Happy

As much as we try to compartmentalize life, it doesn’t really work that way inside us. If you are unhappy in your practice, you will bring that negativity into other parts of your life … and vice versa. Happiness is a whole, comprised of work/life balance, feeling purposeful both inside and outside the practice, and being able to enjoy the things you and your family love (including the practice). Happiness is being present in the world and being able (financially and otherwise) to explore and enjoy all the possibilities of life that interest you.

Sparking Joy

Love, peace and happiness are really what Endo Mastery is about. We help you create the environment, the team, the economics and the daily factors that free you from stress and limits. Each day shifts from feeling burdened to feeling like you are doing exactly what you love to do. You feel professionally fulfilled so that you have a meaningful purpose that energizes you every day, and economically rewarded so you have the resources outside the practice for your family to have the best life.


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