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In recognition of Independence Day



Dear Colleague,


Every day, I feel blessed to be a citizen of this wonderful nation. Both myself and my family enjoy a life of such prosperity and freedom. I am also proud to have served in our country’s military for 20 years, where the principles and ideals of America have daily significance.  


Behind everything that we enjoy in our country today, there was an idea nurtured into existence by our founding fathers. A vision that was so potent and powerful, I do not believe they truly understood the full impact that would ripple forward into the future.


That’s an important thought because what our founding fathers have shown us is that if we are pure in our principles and intent, and we are committed to a powerful vision, then we put ourselves onto a path of inevitable greatness.


Greatness is found everywhere in America. Greatness in business, in technology, in innovation, in the arts, in communities, in faith, in families, etc. … and the most important is greatness in opportunity. The inherent opportunities in America are why so much of the world dreams of coming here.


So, we must have gratitude every day for the gift of opportunity that was handed to us by the foresight of our nation’s founders. And we must ask ourselves if we’re using that gift fully to create greatness in our life, for our families, and in the lives of those around us.


In endodontics, we have an amazing profession that is filled with vastly more opportunity and potential for greatness than most doctors realize. With the right principles and vision, you can put yourself on a path that will ripple forward into your future with profound and life-changing benefits for you and your family.


And not far off in the future, either. Within a year, you can experience a level of greatness in your practice and life that you never believed possible. Work less, earn more, de-stress, and spend more time on the things that really matter: your family, your friends, and creating the memorable experiences of a life being lived to the fullest.


As we celebrate the independence of the USA, it is my hope that you also live with independence, gratitude and abundance … and that you fully embrace and enjoy the gift of being an American and the opportunities of being an endodontist.


All the best,

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Dr. Ace Goerig

DDS, MS, ABE Diplomate
Owner, Endo Mastery