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Like many sports, endodontics is a game of teamwork. In this article, learn how court-sense makes the difference between good and great players and endodontic teams!


Like so many people, I was shocked and saddened by the accidental death of Kobe Bryant in January. He had something special about him when he played. Professional basketball teams are already full of talented and skilled players, so what made Kobe (and other “greats” like him) stand out?


Basketball is a fast-paced game. There is a lot going on all at once. Players are moving quickly. The basketball is moving even more quickly. Communication has to happen in an instant, and players have to react without even thinking. That takes an incredible level of practice, coordination and teamwork.


The “greats” bring even more than that. Call it “court-sense” or “game-sense”. When most players are thinking one step ahead in the gameplay, players like Kobe think 3 steps ahead. As a result, they have a radar for opportunities and recoveries that nobody else sees, and that makes all the difference!


When we train our teams, we strive for great teamwork. We want everyone to be skilled in their role, to communicate, and to react properly to the dynamics of each day. But we really excel when we go beyond that to develop true court-sense and game-sense. Endo Mastery’s systems, particularly patient management, referral marketing and scheduling strategies, give you a level of gameplay in your practice that can truly make you one of the greats in endodontics.


And more than just great, it makes every day an effortless stress-free flow because every contingency is pre-trained and pre-planned. The doctor can just focus on great clinical care and the team sets him up over and over for optimum results.

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