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Thanksgiving and nurturing the best life

The greatest gift you can give to your family and community is to nurture and enrich their lives through your leadership.



Dear Colleague,


I have enjoyed incredible success as an endodontist, first in the army and then in private practice. It continues to be a very meaningful and satisfying professional life for which I am very grateful. It has provided an incredible foundation for my life.


Most of all, my professional success has afforded me such abundant resources to live the best life possible. Naturally, that includes material goods where I have the economics to purchase and enjoy practically anything I want in this world. As endodontists, we are very fortunate in that regard, and it is another aspect of my gratitude.


More importantly in my gratitude are the nurturing experiences that I’ve been able to enjoy with my family over many years. Nancy and I have built our family life around providing our children with uplifting and empowered experiences. These have not only enhanced their lives, but have shaped their world view, their goals, and their values. And now we have the great pleasure of being a nurturing presence in the lives of our grandchildren.


As our family and yours gather this Thanksgiving, I have no doubt that we are all acutely aware of the blessings in our lives. As family leaders, you will look around your holiday meal and feel a great deal of love and abundance with everyone at the table—all of whom to various degrees have benefited from the nurturing life you have opened up for them.


As endodontists, we have such an opportunity to be an agent of good in the world. We can support and nurture others and help them rise to their best level and experience their best life. It begins with us, our spouses, and our families, but our life leadership doesn’t stop there.


In fact, there is a vast circle of people who are influenced by you. This includes your friends, your practice team, their families who depend on them, your referrers and, of course, your patients. When you can give all these people around you the benefit of your attention, caring and goodness, what a force you become! That’s truly a responsibility and privilege that we should be very grateful for.


You may even have a vision that extends beyond your immediate contacts. You might have a cause or community in which you are impassioned about serving and supporting. For example, I am personally dedicated to helping every endodontist enjoy the same level of success and abundance in their lives that I have experienced. It truly is my personal mission to improve the profession that has given so much to me.


I believe that when we become successful professionally, then the stress and focus on “me” can shift to “we”. What is our legacy going to be and how can we achieve that higher calling? Every Thanksgiving, I am reminded of this, and so thankful to have the means to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


At this wonderful start to the holiday season, the Endo Mastery team and I want to express our gratitude for letting us into your practice and life. We strive to be a force of good for you, and help you experience all the professional and personal happiness possible.


Happy Thanksgiving,

Ace Signaturex200

Dr. Ace Goerig

DDS, MS, ABE Diplomate
Endo Mastery Owner


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