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Coaching empowers you to be a better business owner who is responsible and accountable for growth and success.



A few years ago, a young couple in their early thirties told me they finally decided to renovate their master bathroom. They had a spa-like vision: deep soaking tub, double rain shower with body jets, quartz and Italian tile, etc. To save money, they were going to do as much of it themselves as possible.


“Except for a plumber and electrician, everything else we can order from Amazon and learn from YouTube. We’re in no hurry, and it will be fun!” Furthermore, to inaugurate their decision, they had ceremoniously demolished their existing 1980s vanity. “We’ve begun!”, they exclaimed. (Are you wincing yet?)


Six months later, practically nothing else had been done. They had a big list of items on their Amazon Wishlist, but nothing had been ordered. All their initial energy had subsided and they were facing a stark reality: they didn’t know what to do first, how to organize and prioritize, or even which YouTube video to believe because there was a lot of conflicting advice from people of uncertain qualifications. They seemed resigned to the idea that “someday” it would be finished even though they had no specific plan.


Despite this, they were still committed to do-it-yourself because their budget depended on it. At this point I said to them, “You have a great vision, but you need a coach.” More than that, I knew the right coach—the retired father of a friend of mine. This man had spent his career building and renovating houses. I connected them, and they began to meet every two weeks for four hours. They planned all aspects of the project, what needed to be done in what order, were coached through some key choices, given instructions and standards to meet, and (most importantly) what to get done in the next two weeks. The coach helped them with buying lists for each stage, and in some cases had access to some specialty tools they could use for some tasks.


Four and half months later, the master bathroom was complete and as perfect as a DIY bathroom could be. They were so happy and had so much pride in what they had accomplished. And they understood what made the difference: “The $3000 we spent for our ‘renovation coach’ was the best investment we made because the alternative was to continue brushing our teeth, shaving and doing make up in the kids’ bathroom down the hall for the indefinite future.”


It is the same in your practice. Coaching empowers you to be a better business owner who is responsible and accountable for growth and success. A coach does not do all the work for you, but guides and supports your practice with strategies, resources, tools, knowledge and experience so your vision can be achieved as effortlessly, efficiently and enjoyably as possible. It’s that simple. Can you do it on your own? Yes. Will you do it on your own? Maybe someday. This could be your best year ever if you invest in coaching to transform your practice and transform your life. We’re here to help.

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